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Terms & Conditions of Services

1. Please carefully make your understanding about “Regulation & Condition” for the term of using the website. We reserve the right to vary, modify and add portions of the terms and conditions of the detail in the website without prior notice. Please be aware that if you do accept the terms of use or/and regular basis agreement that the administrator may update over time as defined in the regulations and conditions, the users must automatically be indicated that you have read, accepted to the terms of any changing access as outlined in our regulations and conditions.

2. Privacy policy shall be applicable for the account which the user can identify all data relating basis either the username or password correctly. This Privacy Policy does not apply to information that may be collected by or through third party applications that are available through the services. By clicking to accept this Privacy Policy and by using any of the services you indicate that you have acknowledged with our applicable terms. The domain of our website will reserve the right to terminate your personal user account with the warranty and all related activates in case of we can observe that your privacy data cannot identify the user correctly without prior notice.

3. In case of registration for being FipFan member, the user is a must to provide your personal data correctly with the most updated identification for time to time in order to ensure that you are aware of any changes and it can benefit with yourself.

4. In term of any users intend to cause any serious harmful matter either direct or indirect to other users or company and be able to verify by law, all actual damage expenditure must be directly charged with the full responsibility for that person.

5. The users are welcome to directly give any suggestions, comments or advices by posting to us at , but those messages must be caution to please use with the courteousness message under the positive morals and legal. Any harmful intention messages to others users either negative, bias or threaten with the contempt, or including using many types of social media either sending spam, junk mail or even provoke others users by any harmful messages and use the unreal user account to get the benefit from others.  The administrator will have the full right to terminate the user account without prior notice.

6. In case of any users desire to communicate with us, please further send your inquiries that you might have to us at or even send email to us at [email protected]

7. Referring to global network that can automatically generate to link with other websites easily which is over controls from the company, the users themselves must be agreed and must take the full responsibilities from all incurable obligation damages that occur from the infringement action.

8. All information as posted in this website is belonging to the company’s copyright no mater it’s registered or not, either the intelligence property or trademark that be posted and displayed in the web page of the company, either graphics, software, VDO, music, content, sound or creative designs, are mostly legally certified under the company’s patent and intelligence property.

9. All software as designed to use with our website is the right property under the register trademark of “Fip (Thai) Co.,Ltd.” which is legally protected by Thai laws. All related software has been made in the website, the users are able to use the feature and functional without illegal. All conditions as prior mentioned, the users are prohibited to use the software under the trademark of “Fip (Thai) Co.,Ltd” to be the own benefit, transfer to other parties, or make the business distribution purpose. The company will take the right to suddenly terminate the users without prior notice.

10. To access our website by referring Telecommunication network, please be aware of the fees of each network that be directly charged with the users, which all charges are not related with the company’s responsible or our website

11. The company reserves the right for the users must not modify, duplicate, or even copy for any part of our software or content that has been posted on the website.

Please be aware of all conditions and regulations as provided in the website before using the products, and please do register through for getting the prompt warranty of the products. Herein, the company reserves the right to change or modify the condition and regulation without prior notice.



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